Guelph’s Vibrant Literary Community – Test Your Knowledge


A few years ago, as part of Guelph Public Library’s 125th anniversary celebrations, we hosted a gala evening lauding our local authors.  I was on the planning committee for this event, and quickly learned that Guelph’s literary community is extremely strong and vibrant.  In fact there are several authors in our community that have achieved national and international recognition for the quality of their work.

In order to promote local authors, Guelph Public Library has a subject link in our catalogue titled: Local author books (Guelph). The term “local” author is loosely interpreted as it may refer to an individual that currently lives in Guelph, lived in Guelph earlier in his/her career, works for the University of Guelph, or lives in Guelph’s outlying areas.

Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge about the literary celebrities in our midst:

1. What University of Guelph professor has won rave reviews for his fiction and non-fiction focusing on native people?

2. What Guelph author’s work was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review, and was shortlisted for the 2008 Giller Prize?

3. Who is Guelph’s much-loved children’s author that has sold millions of copies of his work?

4. What Israeli-Canadian novelist, that currently resides in Guelph, has been a finalist for the Giller Prize and the Governor General’s Literary Award?

5. What University of Guelph Professor has written books about bizarre delicacies, and has been called the Indiana Jones of the food world?

6. What Guelph author has won awards for her travel writing?

7. What well-known journalist, novelist, and non-fiction writer is affiliated with the University of Guelph?

8. What Guelph author has achieved international recognition for his cartooning style?

9. Who recently received the Matt Cohen Award honouring her lifetime achievement writing books for young readers?


1. Thomas King (Green Grass, Running Water; The Inconvenient Indian)  2. Mary Swan (The Boys In The Trees)   3. Robert Munsch (Love You Forever; The Paper Bag Princess) 4. Edeet Ravel  5. Massimo Marcone (Acquired Tastes); 6. Laurie Gough (Kite Strings Of The Southern Cross) 7. Cecil Foster (Sleep On, Beloved; Where Race Does Not Matter: The New Spirit Of Modernity)  8. Seth (It’s A Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken) 9. Jean Little (From Anna)

Here is a list of some Guelph authors featured in Guelph Public Library’s collection.  Make a resolution to get familiar with some of their outstanding books in 2013!

Adwoa Badoe; Amy Baskin; Eugene Benson; Jo Ellen Bogart; Ross Brewitt; Alison Bruce; Edward Butts; Dave Carter; Bill Clarke; Donald Coulman; Stephanie Craig; Nick Craine; Fred Dahms; Sara Davison; Chelsea Donaldson; B.M. Durtnall; Chris Earley; Cecil Foster; Gloria Ferris; Natale Ghent; Michael Gordon; Laurie Gough; Alden Hadwen; Linda Hendry; Stephen Henighan; Andrew Hood; Noel Hudson; Ross Irwin; Eric Jensen; Peter Kelly; Don Kilby; Thomas King; Jane Lewis; Robin Baird Lewis; Jane Lind; Jean Little; Gerald Mackie; Massimo Marcone; Stephen Marshall; John Martin, Melissa Mazar; Ross McKitrick; Rene Meshake; Pat Mestern; Jean Mills; Kimberly Molto; Paul Morin; Robert Munsch; Teresa Pitman; Edeet Ravel; Raymond Reid; Grant Robinson; Mary Rubio; Nicholas Ruddock; Sandra Sabatini; Ray Scapinello; Seth; Jay Stephens; Kathy Stinson; Mary Swan; Laura Elise Taylor; Michelle Wan; Debbie Watters; Janet Wilson; Janice Wiseman; Werner Zimmermann




About gplmarcia

Hello book aficionados! I am a librarian at GPL’s Main Library. Most of my time at work is spent on the Information Desk helping people with their information needs and, of course, finding a great book to read. I order the fiction books for the Main Library, so I have the inside track on what’s new, and what’s hot. In my spare time, I love to read (no surprise), walk my dogs (an English Setter and an Irish Red & White Setter) in the forest, visit the gym, and plan my next vacation (however humble that may be…I’m happy to go to the Blue Jays game).
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