Great Links
The international news website for book publishing. Visit the book news page to learn what’s hot in the literary world
A site dedicated to sharing advice, great books and news. It includes reading guides, a blog, radio interviews and the latest book buzz.
This free site gives book cubs an opportunity to recommend books to each other. It includes reading guides, a book club bestseller list and tracking options.
A website that lists authors alphabetically. Find out if you have missed any books by your favourite author or check publication deatils. Excellent series lists.
Keep track of what you have read, and plan to read and share recommendations with others in this book lovers’ community. Great for book summaries and reader reviews from around the world!
Enter the name of a book, and receive a comprehensive list of reading suggestions. Visit the LibraryThing home page to store and share personal library catalogues and book lists ( Create a list of your favourite books or books on your to-read list!
Enter the name of a favourite author and get a display/map of authors names, with your pick at the centre. The closer a name is to your favourite, the greater the likelihood that you will enjoy that author’s work.
Type in the name of a book you enjoyed and you will receive a list of similar suggestions from readers


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